About ENR

Mission statement

To awaken our people to the threats posed by Cultural Marxism, non-European immigration and the globalist financial system which tramples over everything which lacks monetary or material value.

To organise action to reach out to young people and build a community of strong and capable leaders.

To elevate ourselves above the nihilistic, selfish, pleasure-seeking lifestyles that plague our people.

To activate our community to resist the actions of those who seek our destruction and to courageously make whatever sacrifices asked of us in the struggle to take back control of our destiny and stride forward upon the eternal principles of honour, dignity, courage, selflessness and national unity.


Our outlook

We not just committed to fighting the Left; but also what masquerades as the modern Right.

We believe everything that we are given at birth; from the homes that we live in, the technology that we come to inherit, the freedoms and other mercies that have been hard won over centuries, have come to us in trust for us to enjoy, guard and hold in stewardship throughout our lives.

If we prove ourselves worthy of our ancestors we will be able to bequeath to our own children an inheritance no less great.

This is our challenge and to this end we solemnly swear!


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