Bourgeois Liberalism as Moral Fraud

One of the main reasons liberals want to give away their country to others is because they feel it makes them look good in the eyes of others – that it makes them appear supremely generous and altruistic.

The problem here, of course, is that what they’re giving to others (their country) is not actually theirs to give away. It not only belongs to the nation as a whole – the majority of whom don’t actually want to lose their lands – but also to their ancestors and descendants.

I’m sorry, but our ancestors did not bleed and die on battlefields defending their country just so a small segment of the current population could throw it away in order to bump themselves up the social ladder according to the bourgeois fashions of the day.

What exactly do they think will come of our descendants? What kind of a world will they be brought up in? What are they going to think, coming into a world where nobody trusts anybody else, to give just one example? And let’s get this straight; ethnic diversity doesn’t merely cause lower trust between different ethnic groups but lower trust and bonding between individuals of the same ethnic group i.e. all people slowly withdraw into themselves, not feeling any sense of connection to the wider community. In short: alienation.

So, as is now apparent, what liberals are in fact doing – by seeking the benefits of altruism in giving away the inheritance of others – is committing an act of moral fraud. Nobody under any circumstances should let these people take a solitary inch of the moral high ground. For that belongs to them neither.


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