Is Hollywood Anti-White?

As we showed in Killing Whitey, people who identify as liberals harbour a significant anti-White bias – to the point, in fact, that when asked under what conditions they would kill one person to save many more, the race of the people involved affected their choice. Yes, liberals were significantly more likely to agree to kill a White person than a Black person.

So here’s the deal. Can it be said that there is a liberal bias in certain institutions, etc. which in turn would translate as an anti-White bias? What about Hollywood, for example? Its cultural fare has an enormous reach – literally influencing the beliefs, values and behaviour of millions upon millions of people all over the world on an on-going basis.

Well, establishing that there is indeed a liberal bias in Hollywood is actually quite straight-forward. They’ve said so themselves. Not too long ago an American conservative called Ben Shapiro went and simply interviewed various Hollywood personnel, and as they apparently assumed he too was liberal, they casually agreed that Hollywood has a strong liberal bias. Which according to the research we looked at in Killing Whitey means that Hollywood possesses an anti-White bias.

Listen below as Hollywood insider Leonard Goldberg points out that Hollywood is overwhelmingly liberal.



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